By bartels.photo | Holger Bartels


I put my ear to the heart of the Earth. She told me about the love between Her and the Rain.
I put my ear to the heart of the Water. It told me about the love between himself and the Springs.
After I put my ear to the heart of Love itself, She told me about Freedom.
Sherko Bekas


One aspect of Nature is function in harmony behind our human ideas about what harmony might be. Function in a non-dualistic way. Its function is neither beautiful or ugly.


The photographs from WATER AND SKY are about coming close. Moving very close towards the reality of “How things are”. Exposed to the elements, when the photographs are found in storms, in rough rivers – difficult to reach, or in the freezing, cold air of mountains, I can feel the NATURE of nature very clear and in a irresistible, direct way. WATER AND SKY is also a call. A call in stepping into direct experience. No filter, no prefabricated path, no believe. What we might find? It is up to us how things evolve in the future. It has always been and will be. If we do our part, NATURE will respond with all it is.